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Saturday, Mar 25, 2023

Explosions & Fires

Gas Explosion

Verdicts and settlements

Injury or death by fire entails mental anguish and serious pain and suffering. To learn about the process of obtaining the compensation you deserve after a fire related injury or fatality, contact Byrd & Associates .

Contact a Lawyer as Soon as Possible after a Burn Injury

If you have suffered severe burns, smoke inhalation injury, or the loss of a family member in a home fire, a workplace gas tank explosion, or a dangerous product incident resulting in electrical burns, you are strongly urged to talk to an experienced Chicago or Mississippi gas explosion attorney as soon as possible. You are likely to need painful and difficult skin grafts, aggressive infection preventive treatment, and plastic surgery. It is important to begin the process of collecting medical records and investigating the scene of the fire as soon as possible, to ensure that maximum compensation is obtained.

Rear End Accident Led to Gas Tank Explosion and Death?

Perhaps your family member died a tragic death in a collision involving a Ford Crown Victoria police car — a make and model that has been part of a number of fatal rear end accidents leading to gas tank explosions. Our products liability lawyers are prepared to get to the bottom of the true cause of your injury or your loved one’s fatal burns.

Home Fires ● Gas Explosions

Perhaps you suffered electrical burns or severe burns caused by a gas explosion in a home fire. Whatever the circumstances, we have a track record of success that will reassure you that your explosion or fire legal case is in good hands. In the event that we believe another law firm would serve you best, we will not hesitate to work together with other lawyers at no additional cost to you, the victim or the bereaved.

Contact Byrd & Associates to schedule a free initial consultation regarding compensation after a home fire or gas tank explosion. Learn how to file a wrongful death claim after a fatal accident


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