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Saturday, Mar 25, 2023

Construction Accidents

Crane Accidents ◦ Scaffold Collapse ◦ Forklift Accident ◦ Death Claim Benefit

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A construction site injury usually affects others beyond the injured worker. Family members often suffer along with the victim in coping with the effects of a lower back injury, neck injury, herniated disk, or other serious injury resulting from a ladder fall, a scaffold collapse accident, a crane accident, or a fork life accident. Emotional distress, loss of use of an arm or leg, and wrongful death may provide sufficient cause to file an injury or death claim benefit above and beyond a Workers’ Compensation claim.

To learn how to obtain financial relief following a construction site accident, contact Byrd & Associates.

While your employer may assert that Workers’ Compensation is your only avenue to recovery of financial benefits, that is often not the case. Negligence of manufacturers, careless workers who were on site as employees of subcontractors, and third parties such as delivery drivers of off-site companies may be held liable for your workplace injury.

Your related pain and suffering may not have been the result of a one-time mobile crane or crane tower fall. In fact, your bulging disk or knee injury may have been a result of repetitive stress such as heavy lifting. An experienced construction injury attorney can offer knowledgeable legal advice on how to recover compensation for loss of earnings and medical expenses when materials handling has resulted in physical harm to a construction worker.

Contact Byrd & Associates to schedule a free initial consultation on your back injury, neck injury, knee injury, or herniated disk caused by heavy lifting or falling debris on the job.


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