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Saturday, Mar 25, 2023

Birth Injuries

Birth Trauma ● Delivery Room Malpractice C-Section Complication Cerebral Palsy Shoulder Dystocia

Few things in life are as heartbreaking to witness as the results of a newborn baby’s birth injury. The experienced Mississippi and Illinois birth injury attorneys at Byrd & Associates offer hope to parents of children suffering from cerebral palsy or shoulder dystocia as a result of birth trauma.

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Birth Injury Attorneys Pursue Answers and Compensation for Families

Your child’s disability may in fact be the result of delivery room malpractice: failure to monitor fetal distress, a C-section complication, or a forceps injury are all possible explanations for your baby’s brain damage, Erb’s palsy, or stillbirth. A well-qualified Erb’s palsy lawyer understands your need for answers. Byrd & Associates attorneys also understand the real financial needs that your family will face: medical bills, therapy, special education, adaptive equipment, and more. Allow us to explain how we can help you pursue compensation to help your family cope with the lifelong consequences your baby’s birth injury caused by hospital or doctor negligence.

Our record of successful verdicts and settlements speaks volumes of our skills and expertise. Byrd & Associates lives out a tradition of justice on behalf of injured clients whose causes we believe in. When a client will be best served by a lawyer outside our law firm who specializes in birth trauma injuries, we carefully select, refer, and cooperate with other attorneys at no additional cost to clients.

Contact Byrd & Associates to schedule a free initial consultation after your child has suffered cerebral palsy or shoulder dystocia.


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